Directory Layout

pyhwp                   Project Root
  +-- pyhwp/            Source packages root
  |     |
  |     +-- hwp5/       Source package
  +-- pyhwp-tests/      Test packages root
  |     |
  |     +-- hwp5_tests/ Test package
  +-- docs/             Documentations, i.e. this document!
  +-- bin/              hwp5proc, hwp5odt, build/testing scripts, etc.,
  +-- etc/              development configuration files
  +-- misc/             development configuration templates / helper scripts
  +-- tools/            development helper packages
  . (various directories)

After the initial invocation of buildout completes successfully, your directory will have a few more new generated directories, e.g. bin/, develop-eggs/. These are the standard buildout directories, which we will not cover the every details of them here. For general information, see Directory Structure of a Buildout.

Followings are pyhwp specific informations:

/ - project root directory

The project root directory contains project configuration files.


buildout configuration file., setup.cfg

pyhwp setup files.


tox configuration file. This file will be automatically generated from by bin/buildout. See [tox] parts in buildout.cfg.

tox configuration template file. If you want to modify tox configuration, edit this file and run bin/buildout again.

bin/ - Buildout generated scripts

This directory will be populated with scripts generated from the pyhwp package and the various development helper packages/scripts.

pyhwp generate following scripts:


HWP format version 5 files processor. See hwp5proc: HWPv5 processor.

hwp5odt, hwp5txt, hwp5html

Experimental converters. See Converters (Experimental).

Development helper scripts (incomplete):


(Re)generate the development environment.


Run a quick unit test.

tools/ - Development helper packages

discover.python/ discover.lxml/ discover.jre/ discover.lo/ install.jython/

Discover multiple python versions, lxml, JRE, Libreoffice to use in the developement environment. Provides zc.buildout recipes.


an XSLT test runner.


Build and test .oxt packages with the LibreOffice.